Streamlining benefits
through thoughtful
communication &

Paperless Onboarding &
Benefit Management.

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Imagine setting up your benefit program in less than 10
minutes. Upload your current benefit plan names and
benefit options and transform your company’s benefits
into a unified entirely paperless system.


View annotations and easily access benefit information
for HR and employees.


HR can send out offer letters, I9's, W4's and benefit enrollment information. Census reconciliation is a process of the past.


All employment documents, enrollments and terminations with every insurance carrier in one place.

Allow employees to perform easy
(routine) tasks themselves

  • At the employee's fingertips — View policy details, search for providers, ask your broker a question, or connect with your carrier instantly within a click. Anywhere, anytime.
  • HR reduces the amount of time HR spends on explaining benefits to employees by providing an interlinked communication channel between employees, your insurance broker, and HR.
  • Real-time collaboration between your broker, HR, and employees which ensures everyone is on the same page at all times.

Simple Life Chat

Assists solving urgent insurance issues by providing an open line of communication should a problem arise.

This is how we work

We encapsulate every step of the process from client
communication, to census and quoting management, to
benefit enrollment and administration

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